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   Mission Statement


The mission of Central Elementary School is to guarantee

well-rounded, responsible individuals who are goal- oriented, self-motivated

thinkers capable of effective communication and able to achieve their maximum

potential by becoming fierce competitors on the economic world stage.


School's Creed
 I am a Central Elementary School student. I believe in myself and all I can do. I
can accomplish my goals and you should too! I respect myself and all the rest. I
will conduct myself to do my best. I can set my mind to do anything. I can achieve
my goals with the power I bring. I will learn all I need to grow and succeed!



Our Vision

"Today's Students, Tomorrow's Top Competitors"

 Central Elementary School

141 Main Street

Hayneville, Alabama 3604o

Office:  334-563-7319

Fax:       334-563-7347