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Central Elementary School -141 Main Street,  Hayneville  AL  36040


Central Elementary School’s Driving Directions and Map

*AL-21 S and Co Rd 2

Driving directions to 141 Main St, Hayneville, AL 36040 3D2D

1. Head west on AL-21 S/W Tuskeena St towardS Commerce St

   Continue to follow AL-21 S (2.3 miles)

2. Slight right onto Co Rd 2 (4.2 milieus)

3. Turn right ontoMain St-Destination will be on the left (0.9 miles)

Destination-141 Main Street Hayneville, AL 36040

Welcome to Central Elementary School


*Co Rd 2 and AL-21 N

Driving directions to Hayneville, AL 3D2D

1. Head south onMain StreettowardRosie Drive(0.9 miles)

2. Turn left ontoCo Rd2/Foster Rd-Continue to follow Co Rd 2 (4.2 miles)

3. Slight left onto AL-21 N (2.3 miles)

Destination-Hayneville, AL

Welcome to Hayneville, Alabama


*Map of Driving Route Site